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Resources - Recorded Music

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CD A Cheerful Noise
London Gallery Quire
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CD A Different Lore - The Antient Psalmody of Cumbria
Gladly Solemn Sound
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CD Echoes from the Gallery
Beaminster Gallery Quire
CD Exalted be our Voice
Immanuel's Ground
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CD The Good Old Way
The Village Quire
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CD Praise Ye the Lord
London Gallery Quire
CD Round the Year with the Village Quire
Purbeck Village Quire
CD Awake Ye Mortals All
The Gladly Solemn Sound
CD Hark, shepherds, hark
The Madding Crowd
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CD Let the Echo Fly
The Story of West Gallery Music
The Christminster Singers   Visit Website
CD Nativity - Christmas Music from
Georgian England

Psalmody & The Parley of Instruments
CD The Promised Land
West Gallery Music from the Isle of Man
Caarjyn Cooidjagh with musicians and readers
CD Repeat their Sounding Joy
Music from a Wyresdale West Gallery
The Gladly Solemn Sound
CD There were Shepherds
Vital Spark
CD Vital Spark
Vital Spark
CD Vital Spark of Heavenly Flame
Psalmody & The Parley of Instruments
CD West Gallery Favourites
West Gallery Music Association

CD While Shepherds Watched
Psalmody & The Parley of Instruments

See companion book "A Christmas Celebration"
CD William Knapp: West Gallery Anthems and Psalms
Christminster Singers
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CD A Village Christmas from Dorset Past
Purbeck Village Quire

Other Recordings of Interest
Goostly Psalmes
His Majestie's Clerkes
Anglo-American Psalmody from 1550-1800
Harmonia Mundi HMU 907128
Includes 2 WG tracks out of 23:
Colchester by William Tans'ur ("O 'Twas a joyful sound to hear")
"The Beauty of Israel is slain" by William Knapp

Gaelic Psalms from Lewis
(Scottish Tradition Series 6)
Greentrax Recordings
CD CDTRAX 9006 £11.95
also on MC £7.25
This is a recording of lined-out psalmody from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, sung by several traditional singers and a congregation.

Tenants of the Earth
The Mellstock Band
Wildgoose Studios
WGS 281 CD
CD £12.50
Includes 5 WG Carols out of 15 tracks:
Old Wiltshire - Hardy ms (Joseph Stephenson)
Newton's or St.Paul's - ms "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
"With Raptures Abounding" - Hardy ms
"Rejoice ye tenants of the Earth" (William Gifford)
"Rejoice all Men"

Under the Greenwood Tree
The Mellstock Band
SayDisc CD-SDL 360
CD £12.50
Includes 9 WG Carols out of 27 tracks:
Arise and hail the joyful day, Hail happy morn, Awake and join the cheerful choir, See heaven's high portals, Awake, awake ye mortals all, While shepherds watched, Behold the morning star, Arise and hail the sacred day, Rejoice this glorious day is come


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