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A Different Lore - The Antient Psalmody of Cumbria

Gladly Solemn Sound

Cover Design

1. Enfield, Ps.92 NV - Ann Birkett's Ms., Troutbeck.
2. Sevil, Ps.34 NV - Francis Grainger's 1739 Solway-side Ms.
3. Wedding Anthem, Ps.128 - William Knapp of Poole; (Martindale Church)
4. A Funeral Thought - Kirkby Lonsdale.
5. While Shepherds Watched - John and Robert Wharton 1850 Ms., Coniston.
6. Comfort, anthem from Isaiah - Wharton brothers' Ms.
7. Cumberland, Ps.111 NV - John Sibson's 1761 Ms. (version of Carey's 'Surrey')
8. Hocton, Ps.116 NV - John Beeby's 1762 Whitehaven Ms.; (Leicestershire Harmony)
9. Stonehenge - Samuel Webbe, jr, A Collection of Ps.Tunes; (Martindale Church)
10. Galgate, Ps.18 NV - Abraham Watson's 1839 Ms., Watermillock.
11. Euphratos, Ps.137 NV - Henry Bayliff 1851 Ms., Middleton.
12. Southport / Gray's Elegy - music by Philip Hayes,
13. Bright Seraphim, Ps.46 NV - Handel aria adaptated by Thomas Taylor.
14. Ps.10 NV - John Sibson 1761 Ms., Skelton (from Joseph Stephenson of Poole)
15. Jubilate Deo / Ps.100 - Wharton brothers Ms.
16. Milton, Ps.108 OV - Abraham Adams' The Psalm Singer's Companion

The CD can be obtained by sending a cheque for 11.50 (10 plus 1.50 p&p) to Paul Guppy, 5 Albion Mews, De Vitre Street, Lancaster, LA1 1GE.
Cheques should be made payable to 'The Gladly Solemn Sound'.

CD Review by Chris Gardner

The Lakeland poets such as Coleridge and Wordsworth would have heard local psalmody, since such activity was widespread across their beautiful region. However, until a few years ago, Cumbria was thought to be a West Gallery desert. Not so any longer, due to assiduous research bringing to light numerous 18th-19th century manuscripts from various sources ranging from Brampton to Coniston, dating from 1739-1850 - thus suggesting much musical activity in many rural Lakeland churches. Lancaster-based The Gladly Solemn Sound have established a respected reputation in North Lancashire. and South Cumbria, being truly leading exponents in the revival of West Gallery music, having had a large following for some years.

Joining The GSS here on some tracks are their guest string trio ''Fiddlers Three'', who display flexibility and competence in their accompaniments, thus complementing the singing very well.

The CD has been released in this their 26th year, ably-planned, directed and devised by Paul Guppy. The items are varied in mood and timbre, showing a close rapport with the style of the music, plus the close teamwork of The GSS over their 26 years together. In the above aspects, they have developed their own distinctive sound. Tuning and diction are good, the pieces being performed always conveying a sense of joy and love for their chosen material.

Anyone listening to this CD will be able to endorse the fact that The Antient Psalmody of Cumbria is more than worthy to stand in the ranks of the more well-established offerings from elsewhere in the WG revivalist world. One can add that the professional recording and editing by Simon Dumpleton is first-class. The positive approach of the choir towards their music here is both evident and rewarding to the ear. Do go to hear them in concert if you ever get the chance!


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