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Vital Spark

Vital Spark

Cover Design

CD Dog Rose CECD 001

1. Pentonville - Wm Marsh "Sing ye with praise unto the Lord" (Ps 96NV)
2. Shropshire Funeral Hymn - Jn Symons "Weep not for me you standers by"
3. Psalm 57OV - Thomas Clark "Awake my joy awake I say"
4. Vital Spark - Edward Harwood "Vital spark of heav'nly flame"
5. "Awake your Grateful voices raise" Bawden ms
6. Magnificat - Wm Jackson "My soul doth magnify the Lord"
7. Psalm 33NV - Thomas Clark "Let all the just to God with joy"
8. Knaresborough - James Leach "Behold the saviour of mankind"
9. Grafton - Joseph Stone "Jesus the vision of thy face"
10. Morning - Amos Pilsbury "He dies, the friend of sinners dies"
11. David's Lamentation - William Billings "David the King was grieved and moved"
12. Reflection - Supply Belcher "Lord what a thoughtless wretch was I"
13. Sweet Prospect - William Walker "O'er Jordan's stormy banks I stand"
14. The Better Land - O.A.Parris "The road to glory seems so long"
15. Millbrook - Neely Bruce "How long thou faithful God shall I"
16. Birmingham - Glen Wright "Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand"
17. Daniels - Neely Bruce "Where from thy spirit shall I stretch"
18. Jordan - James Leach "Guide us O thou great Jehovah"
19. Gibraltar - W.J.White "Jesus shall reign where'er the sun" (Ps 72IW)

Vital Spark costs £10 + £1 p&p from Vital Spark, 6 Eston Avenue, Malvern, WR14 2SR.

Listen to some extracts from the CD:
Jordan - 847 Kb (47 secs)
Birmingham - 554 Kb (36 secs)

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