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The Promised Land

West Gallery Music from the Isle of Man

Caarjyn Cooidjagh with musicians and readers

Cover Design


1. "Ye Boundless Realms of Joy" - Colby ms (Ps148NV)
2. Sion - John Fawcett - "Far above your glorious"
3. The Fall of Babylon - John Beaumont "In Gabriel's hand a mighty stone"
4. A Presentment - Reading
5. "Though wicked Men grow Rich" - (Ps 37NV)
6. Crucifixion - James Leach - "When I survey the wondrous cross"
7. "Comfort ye my people"
8. Kirkpatrick - "Awake my soul, awake"
9. Waltz Strasburg and Waltz Douglas - Andreas flute book
10. Quickstep - Andreas flute book
11. The schoolmaster - T E Brown - Reading
12. "She Shoh Yn Laa" - "This is the day that Christ was born"
13. Shepherds, Rejoice! - James Leach
14. "Awake up my Glory" - from John Sayle's Serpent Book
15. Carol of the Kingdom - Thomas M Cowell - "When Jesus was a baby"
16. Tommy Big-eyes - T E Brown - Reading
17. Arise, Shine! - Edward Quayle's ms book
18. A Manx Carol - Mona Miscellany
19. The Captain of the Parish Canon John Quine - Reading
20. Grand March - Andreas flute book
21. The Promised Land - John Fawcett

The CD can be obtained (cheque to Manx Heritage Foundation) for £12.99 + £1 p&p from Charles Guard, The Manx Heritage Foundation, 15 Highfield Crescent, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 3BL. You can also purchase a book of the music at £14.95 from The Centre for Manx Studies, 6, Kingswood Grove, DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, IM1 3LX. The CD and book together costs £28 from the former address.


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