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Gallery Music

    West Gallery Music Association Discussion Forum
    This is intended for anyone interested in the music, literature and social history of the times - link at the top of the page.

    The Hymn Tune Index - Professor Nicholas Temperley's database containing all hymn tunes printed anywhere with English-language texts from 1535 to 1820 and their publication history.

    Roding Music - Francis Roads offers free downloads of West Gallery church music, in the form of either Sibelius Scorch or PDF files.

    Village Carols - site devoted to carolling traditions.


Churches and Choirs

    West Gallery Churches
    A pictorial web site created to record the existence and/or history of galleries, two- and three-decker pulpits, box-pews, quires, manuscripts, barrel organs, etc., - anything to do with churches which are known to have, or to have had, connections with West Gallery music and Georgian psalmody.

    The Churches Conservation Trust
    The Trust conserves England's most beautiful and historic churches which are no longer needed for regular worship.

    The Historic Chapels Trust
    The Trust owns, repairs and maintains historic chapels of outstanding architectural and historic interest.

    The Gregorian Association
    Founded in 1870 to promote the study and practice of plainsong.

    The Oxford Movement
    Describes the history of the Movement from 1833 to 1845

    Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) - an international network of over 9,000 affiliated groups and individual members in over 40 countries throughout the world (interdenominational).

    Anglican Church Music web site - a central source of information for Anglican and Episcopal church and cathedral music, with resources for church musicians, singers, congregation members, or anyone who enjoys this kind of music.

    Choirs on the Net - Internet and email listing service for British and International Choirs


Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Hymns and Hymn Writers


Psalters, etc

    Psalms And Psimilar - a site about the singing of psalms, etc, in modern worship, by a WGMA member.

    Genevan Psalter - Gaelic Psalms (The 'Old Way' of singing psalms)

    Music for the Church of God (now archived) has links to the following psalters, with many music files as well:
    Sternhold & Hopkins (Old Version), Tate & Brady (New Version), Isaac Watts, Scottish 1564 / 1635, Bay Psalm Book, Scottish, John Milton, Presbyterian 1887

    Ravencroft's Psalter (facsimile)
    The Whole Booke of Psalmes: With The Hymnes Evangelicall, and Songs Spiritual. [...] (1621)

    King James Bible - a Search Engine.


American Hymnody/Shape-note Music


Traditional Music


Social History and Costume

    The Stillingfleet Tragedy - On Boxing Day,1833, the Stillingfleet church singers were travelling to a church service by boat on the River Ouse, when the boat overturned and 11 of the 14 were drowned.

    The Georgian Index

    The Regency Fashion Page

    The Costume Gallery :
    The Costume Gallery's guide to the 1700s period fashions including Restoration, Cavalier, Early Georgian, Baroque and Regency, and the 1800s This includes Regency, Romantic, Antebellum, Crinoline, Bustle, and the Gay Nineties or Gilded Age fashion periods. It also includes the Victorian era that begins at the marriage of Queen Victoria


Instruments and Bands


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