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Publications available from the WGMA

  West Gallery

    The WGMA publishes a quarterly Newsletter, sent to all members, which contains articles on aspects of West Gallery Music, reviews of books, recordings and events, and includes details of future events in the WG calendar. For a detailed index of past issues, click HERE.

  Praise & Glory, A New West Gallery Psalter, Rollo Woods, Edwin Macadam and Sheila Girling Smith, Oxford 2000

    A Selection of the Psalms of David set to the Metrical Psalm Tunes used by West Gallery choirs, 1740 - 1860.

  NEW: 3rd Edn. West Gallery Harmony - Psalms and Hymns, Gordon & Isabella Ashman ed. Ros Clements & Mike Bailey

  NEW: 2nd Edn. West Gallery Harmony - Carols & Celebrations, Gordon & Isabella Ashman ed. Mike Bailey

  West Gallery Favourites - a CD of West Gallery music performed by members of the Association, including items from the above two publications.

  Let Our Joys be Known - Twenty Years of the WGMA - NOW REPRINTED

  Face the Music, Church and Chapel Bands in Cornwall, Harry Woodhouse
The WGMA has purchased the remaining stock of this publication.

  Gallery Graces Old & New, selected and edited by Christopher Gardner

  Good Singing Still by Rollo Woods. Second Edition NOW Available.

For details of publications, books and CDs produced by other individuals and organisations, click HERE