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West Gallery Resources

The WGMA has produced three anthologies of West Gallery Music, the latest (and still in print) is Praise & Glory a West Gallery Psalter. Go to the Publications page for more details.

Below are links to pages containing information about West Gallery Music, both printed and recorded material available for purchase from other organisations and individuals, as well as literary references.

      BOOKS about West Gallery Music bands and choirs, and the social history of the period; also anthologies of music.

      CD RECORDINGS. These are high quality studio recordings of West Gallery music that have been professionally produced. Some have reviews to help you decide which to purchase.

      EVENT RECORDINGS. Tracks recorded at West Gallery events are the best that could be achieved after a short rehearsal and are a record of what happened at that event. These recordings are free to download for personal use only. There is a ReadMe file on the top page that explains how to search and access the recordings. The top page also contains the Index of all files used in the search.

      MUSIC FILES. There are a growing number of music files on this site, either as MP3 and MIDI files or as music to print out.

      LITERARY REFERENCES relating to West Gallery music, fact and fiction. Please send anything you discover which you think may be worthy of inclusion to: .

      WEST GALLERY MUSIC in ART West Gallery singers and musicians captured by contemporary artists - etchings/drawings and paintings.

      RESEARCH & RESEARCHERS WG Music Research and people who are conducting it - with contact details.

      WGMA ARCHIVES. Jacqueline Patten keeps an archive of events.

      LEAFLETS. Some downloadable leaflets (in PDF format) about West Gallery music.

      WORKSHOP LEADERS - a list of people who run workshops on West Gallery music - with contact details. A workshop leaflet can be found HERE.