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Let the Echo Fly

The Story of West Gallery Music

The Christminster Singers

Cover Design

XMS 002

Kingsbridge - Aaron Williams "Rejoice ye shining worlds on high" (Ps 24 Watts)
Windsor Tune - Wm Daman "I love the Lord, he heard my voice" (Ps )
An Hymn for Easter Day "If angels sang the Saviour's birth"
Psalm 4(NV) (ms) "O Lord thou art my righteousness"
Psalm 42(NV) - ms book "As pants the hart for cooling streams"
Psalm 13(NV) - Joseph Stephenson "How long wilt thou forget me Lord?"
New Reading Tune - Abraham Milner "Remember me ...???"
Spanking Roger - James Nuttall "Salvation, O the joyful sound" (Watts Bk2 Hy88)
Egypt - J.Leach "And am I born to die?" (C.Wesley Hy43)
Stainton Tune - Reuben Hudson "Thy presence, why withdraw'st thou, Lord?" (Ps 10NV)
An Anthem for Christmas Day - M.Wise "Awake put on thy strength O Zion"
Anthem Job 19th - Joseph Stephenson "I know that my Redeemer liveth"
Newton's - Blunt/Martin mss "Hark the herald angels sing" (C.Wesley)(
Meriba - J.Massey "Arise and hail the sacred day"
Here's a health to all good lasses (Glee); ()
Arise and Hail the Glorious Star (Old Cornish carol)
Catharsis - Andy Turner "Death like an overflowing stream" (Ps 90 Watts)
Christmas Steps - Dave Townsend "The heav'ns and firmament on high" (Psalm 19OV)
Harmony - Amariah Hall "Say, mighty love, and teach my song"
Soar Away - A.M.Cagle "I want a sober life"

For further details visit The Christminster Singers' website

See details of their CD William Knapp: West Gallery Anthems and Psalms


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