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West Gallery Music from the Heart of England

Immanuel's Ground

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1. Psalm 95 Watts - 'Sing to the Lord': Thomas Clark, Marsh Gibbon MS, Bucks.
2. Psalm 16 OV - 'I set the Lord still in my sight': Joseph Key, Nuneaton, Warks.
3. Tabernacle - 'My soul, how lovely is the place': James Leach, Three Ridges MS, Bedford.
4. Glory to God in the Highest - Christian Gregor: Sung in Bedford Moravian Church.
5. Salem's Tower - 'O 'twas a joyful sound': William Blundell, Walgrave, Northants.
6. Anthem from Lamentations 5 - 'Remember O Lord': James Kempson, Birmingham.
7. Psalm 65, OV - 'The flood of God': John Hill, Lydd, Kent, and Rugby, Warks.
8. Leicester New - 'The King, O Lord': Thomas Jarman, Clipstone, Northants.
9. Jubilee - 'Blow ye the trumpet, blow': Clement Clarke, Daventry, Northants.
10. Hymn for Sunday Schools - 'Eternal Father of mankind': Thomas Jarman, Clipstone.
11. Hosanna, blessed is he that comes: Christian Gregor, Bedford Moravian Church.
12. Anthem from 1 Chronicles 29 - 'Thine, O Lord, is the greatness': James Kent, Finedon, Northants., then Winchester.
13. Mortality - 'And must this body die': Thomas Jarman, Clipstone.
14. Hosanna - 'Now to the Lord a noble song': Samuel Stanley, Birmingham.
15. Jubilee - 'Blow ye the trumpet, blow': Amram Taylor, Ambrosden, Oxford.

Pub. June 2012 by: Immanuel's Ground, email


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