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Echoes from the Gallery

Beaminster Gallery Quire

Cover Design


1. Dance tunes - The King of the Cannibal Islands / Taylor Button's Jigg
2. Reading from 'The Old Church Gallery Minstrels' by Canon K. H. MacDermott
3. Psalm 97 NV - 'Jehovah reigns' (tune: New Sabbath)
4. Hymn - 'Jesus shall reign where e'er the sun' (tune: Gibraltar)
5. Reading from MacDermott
6. Psalm 1OO OV - 'All people that on earth shall dwell' (tune: the Old Hundredth)
7. Reading from MacDermott
8. Psalm16 NV - 'Protect me from my cruel foes' (tune: from Martinstown ms 1835)
9. Canticle - Nunc Dimittis, Thomas Clark of Canterbury (1775-1859)
10. Hymn - The Shropshire Funeral Hymn, Thomas Owens ms.1816
11. Reading from 'The Return of the Native' by Thomas Hardy
12. Psalm 133 NV - 'How vast must their advantage be' (tune: Lydia)
13. Anthem - 'Thou visitest the earth', Dr Greene (1695-1755)
14. Reading, 'A Church Romance' by Thomas Hardy
15. Psalm 103 Watts - 'O bless the Lord, my soul' (tune: Mt Ephraim)
16. Reading, 'The Fiddler' by Thomas Hardy
17. Dance tunes - New Rigged Ship / Oyster Girl
18. Carroll 1846 - 'See seraphic throngs descending', Melbury Osmond ms.
19. Carol - 'While shepherds watched' (tune: Kendall) - Melbury Osmond ms.
20. Reading, 'The Night of the Dance' by Thomas Hardy
21. Dance tunes - Waterloo Dance / Soldier's Joy
22. Carol - 'Arise and Hail' Bundell ms.
23. Carol - 'Hark, hear what News', Odcombe carols
24. Reading, 'The Oxen' by Thomas Hardy
25. Carol - 'Come ye Redeemed', Odcombe carols
26. Carol - 'Shepherds keeping watch by night', West Lulworth ms.1857
27. Dance tunes - The King of the Canibal Islands / Taylor Button's Jigg (reprise)

Listen to some tracks from the CD:
Dance Tunes: King of the Cannibal Islands 881Kb (56secs)
Psalm 133NV: New Sabbath 661Kb (42secs)
Odcombe Carol: Come ye Redeemed 518Kb (33secs)

This CD is no longer available


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