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Index to Music Files on this Site

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There are many examples of music on this website, either to print out, as facsimiles or pdf files, or as sound files (MIDI and MP3)

There is a list of MIDI files of psalm tunes found in the Psalter Praise & Glory HERE. In addition, the table below is a listing, alphabetically by title, of all other music with links to the relevant pages.

Tune NameComposer/sourceFormatLink
Psalm 8 NVThomas ClarkMIDIlink
Psalm 8 OV: OtfordM.BeesleyMP3link
Psalm 15 OVWilliam EastMP3link
Psalm 23OVThomas ClarkMIDIlink
Psalm 23 NVBennett SwaffieldMP3link
Psalm 24 NV: BereWilliam KnappMIDIlink
Psalm 47OVThomas ClarkFacsimile - printedlink
Psalm 51NV(John Moreton)MP3link
Psalm 57 OVThomas ClarkMP3link
Psalm 66 NV: Corfe CastleWilliam KnappMP3link
Psalm 100 OVJoseph WattsMIDIlink
Psalm 107 NV: New PooleWilliam KnappMIDIlink
Psalm 122 OVJoseph KeyMIDIlink
Psalm 105 NVThomas ClarkMIDIlink
Psalm 122 NVThomas ClarkMP3link
Psalm 146 OV: Stocks TuneWyresdale ms bookMIDI and MP3link
Psalm 149 NV:SpetisburyWilliam KnappMIDIlink
Psalm 150 OVJoseph KeyMP3link
Anthems and Canticles
Anthem for Thanksgiving after VictoryHenry TolhurstMIDIlink
Anthem from Psalm 65(Matthew Wilkins)MIDIlink
Anthem from Psalm 72William KnappMIDIlink
Anthem from Psalm 128William KnappMIDIlink
Anthem from Psalm 150Uriah DavenportMIDIlink
AbsolutionWilliam BesleyMIDIlink
Anthem from Psalm 150Uriah DavenportMIDIlink
Anthem from Psalm 26Taggart msMP3link
I am come into my GardenWilliam BillingsMIDIlink
Jubilate DeoJoseph KeyMP3link
BinegarJ. BroderipMIDIlink
BirminghamJohn Moore msMP3link
BirminghamGlen WrightMP3link
BrutonR. BroderipMIDIlink
BuntingfordRev D E FordMIDIlink
BurnhamThomas ClarkMIDIlink
ConclusionAmram TaylorMIDIlink
CornhillThomas ClarkMP3link
BarnstapleIsaac TuckerMIDIlink
CorunnaThomas ClarkMIDIlink
CranbrookThomas ClarkMIDIlink
DiademJoseph WilliamsMP3link
DunstableThomas ClarkMP3link
Ebenezer NewJohn MoretonMIDIlink
ExultationThomas ClarkMIDIlink
FarewellRev Joseph HarbottleMIDIlink
Funeral HymnWilliam KnappFacsimile - printedlink
Hymn for Thanksgiving after VictoryJohn Hill, LyddMIDI & MP3link
Job's MeditationThomas JarmanMIDIlink
JordanJames LeachMP3link
The Last Full WainDorset msMP3link
LindaleJohn FawcettFacsimile - printed
Long SuttonSamuel GillMIDIlink
LutonRev D E FordFacsimile - printed
Mount EglonAmram TaylorMIDIlink
Neath ChapelJohn JonesMIDIlink
New Hartford or Gilcomston Chapel MIDIlink
New SabbathThomas PhillipsMP3link
Paradise facsimile - printed
PentonvilleWilliam MarshMP3link
PorlockJoseph PorterMIDIlink
RydeRev D E FordMIDIlink
SalvationAmram TaylorMIDIlink
Spanking RogerJames NuttallFacsimile - ms
StevenageRev D E FordMIDIlink
St.Neot'sRev D E FordMIDIlink
Sunderland TuneRalph HarrisonMP3link
TrafalgarAnton RadigerMIDIlink
VisionGeorge GayMIDIlink
WarehamWilliam KnappMIDIlink
WillitonGeorge GayMIDIlink
Carols & Celebration
Awake and join the cheerful choirDorset msMP3link
Carol of Skiddaw YowesChris GardnerMP3link
Easter HymnLyra DavidicaMP3link
Glad TidingsDorset msMP3link
Hark, shepherds hark MP3link
Hymn for Christmas Day (WSW)Uriah DavenportFacsimile-printed
Hymn for EasterUriah DavenportMIDIlink
Jesus the Saviour's born todayThomas BartlettMP3link
Nativity (While Shepherds)John RayMP3link
There were shepherdsWheddon Cross msMP3link
Britons, Strike homeHenry PurcellMIDIlink
A GraceDr William CarnabyFacsimile-printed
Let all our songs and praises be (round)Samuel WakeleyMP3link
Stop, Poor SinnerPrimitive Methodist Hymn BookMP3link
Bedfordshire March(Instrumental)MP3link


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