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Praise & Glory - Sample Tunes

Listen to a selection of West Gallery Tunes from the Psalter marked

Named TuneSet toComposer
Abridge Ps 47 IWIsaac Smith
America Ps 47 IWIsaac Smith
Angel's Song Wither's Song No. 34Orlando Gibbons
Arabia Ps 145 NVattrib. W. Wilson
Babylon Streams Th. Campion Ps 37Thomas Campion
Bedford Ps 132 IWWilliam Wheall
Belgrave Ps 44 NVWilliam Horsley
Bolton Ps 9 NVJohn Fawcett
Burford Ps 79 NVUnknown
Cambridge New Ps 49 pt1 IWDr John Randall
Carey's Ps 23 AddisonHenry Carey
Carlisle Ps 50 OVC. Lockhart
Cranbrook DoddridgeThomas Clark
Crediton Ps 8 NVThomas Clark
Creekmoor Ps 11 NVWilliam Knapp
Crowle Ps 66 OVUnknown
Eaton Ps 29 NVZerubbabel Wyvill
Fish Street Ps 67 NVattrib. 'Stevenson'
Folkestone Ps 19 OV, NVJohn Barwick
Irish Hymn 63 Bk 2 IWUnknown
London New Ps 44 IWUnknown
Lydia Ps 133 NVattrib. Thomas Phillips
Milbourne Port Ps 27 OVUnknown
Mount Ephraim Ps 48 pt2 IWBenjamin Milgrove
Newberry or Cudham Hymn 3 Bk 2 IWUnknown
Newbury Ps 145 pt2 IWUnknown
Otford Ps 8 OV, NV, IWUnknown
Oxford New Ps 150 OVWilliam Coombes
Portsmouth New Ps 136 NVUnknown
Rachel's Ps 57 NVUnknown
Reuben Ps 31 pt3 NV Samuel Wakely
Shirland Ps 19 pt1 IWSamuel Stanley
St Anne Ps 49 OVDr William Croft
St Bride's Ps 90 IWDr Samuel Howard
St James Ps 19 OVRaphael Courteville
St Mary's Ps 103 OVUnknown
St Matthew Ps 33 OVDr William Croft
The Old Hundredth Ps 100 OVfrom Greatorex
Truro Ps 89 NVUnknown
Winchester New Ps 141 IWUnknown
Windsor Ps 39 IWUnknown
York Ps 27 IWUnknown

 Unnamed TuneComposer
 Ps 23 OV Thomas Clark
 Ps 69 NV Stephen Jarvis
  Ps 95 NV Thomas Clark

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