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Resources for Researchers

Some useful links and indexes for researchers of West Gallery Music are given below.

Researchers' Register of Interests

Below is a list of people who are actively researching aspects of West Gallery Music. It's fairly short at present but will grow over time.

If you have any questions to ask or have information relevant to their particular interests to share, please feel free to contact them by email. You might also wish to leave a comment on the Discussion Forum - link at the top of the page.

Paul Gailiunas - email

    Choirs in the North-East (mainly Northumberland and Durham) and their music c.1700-1850.
    Processes of cultural transmission, especially musical connections with the US.

Edmund Gooch - email

    Choirs, galleries etc. in Devon
    West Gallery music in Devon and the South-West, especially Joseph Stephenson and Devon composers.

Paul Guppy - email

    All aspects of West Gallery Music in North Lancashire (ie north of the Ribble valley) and Cumbria.
    I'm also interested in Dorset composers (Knapp, Stephenson, the Wakelys, etc).

Tam Mucklow - email

    West galleries in Devon, their locations and any evidence of choirs, instruments, or details of music used.
    Composers and compilers from Devon.
    Research towards current west gallery activities in Devon.

David Owen Norris - email

    Composers: Thomas Oldfeld Bartlett, William Knapp
    Music from Dorset & Northamptonshire

Jacqueline Patten - email

    Local carols, particularly South West England.

Francis Roads - email
Editing and publishing on my website West Gallery music from printed sources, mostly from the BL. Over 300 pieces are currently available. In particular I have published collections of:

    Michael Beesly's A Collection of 20 New Psalm Tunes (Oxford 1746)
    John Bishop's anthems
    Phocion Henley's hymns
    Joseph Key's chanting tunes
    Henry Playford's three-part anthems
    William Pickard-Cambridge's carols
    Three-part settings (still seeking more)
    Knapp's Anthems for Christmas Day (London 1744)
I have an interest in West Gallery music on the Isle of Man (the subject of my PhD thesis).

Tony Singleton - email

    West Gallery music performed in Kent, E.Sussex, E.Surrey
    Composers/compilers of WG music who lived in Kent, eg:
    Adams, Barwick, Clark, Evison, Marsh, Tolhurst (full list here) and neighbouring counties.
    Operation of church choirs, including purchase of music, instruments, etc,; singing masters
    Publishing (via the internet) material related to the above.

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