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It is important for the WGMA to maintain an Archive both as a record of contemporary activity involving the music and as a resource to help people locate historical sources. Although these may be covered elsewhere on the website for an Archive to begin to be comprehensive, all the various elements need to be brought together. I am aware that there is much happening that is not included on the website.

My remit is:

    to keep an archive of activities taking place - workshops, concerts, research,

    to keep a database of records that are held by individuals and institutions, and

    to facilitate communication between those working in the field.

For an Archive to be comprehensive it will require:

    individuals and quires to send programmes, newsletters, recordings (if possible), photographs, newspaper cuttings and any other item that might be relevant in order to document the contemporary "West Gallery" movement,

    individuals to let me know of any music, books, research that they have or have seen, where it is located and the relevance to "West Gallery" music, and

    individuals to keep me informed of their own interests, research, performances, etc.

It is also important to document related activities that do not directly involve WGMA members and quires as well as those of the members.

Jacqueline Patten

March 2002

Please enquire or send any information to Jacqueline Patten via email.


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