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Deaths of WG musicians


21st April 1830
At Ashton-upon-Trent, in this county, on the 14th instant, Mr John Webb, aged 80 - He was the senior member of the old choir of singers at that place, and had been a teacher of more than thirty different choirs and country bands. He has left many manuscript compositions of sacred music in a pure church style.

7th Feb 1844
On the 26th ult, at Birley, in the parish of Brampton, aged 62 years, Mr Michael Wragg. He was a member of the Old Brampton Church choir of singers, and youngest brother of the late Mr Wragg, of Doncaster, the celebrated performer on the violoncello.

18th May 1864
May 4, at Fairfield, near Buxton, Mr.Edward Clayton, aged 83, deceased; for many years played the bass viol in Fairfield church, and was a first-class musician.

from Derby Mercury


9th July 1847
At Long Horsley, on the 18th Ult., in his 78th year, much respected, Mr.Thomas Brown, shoemaker. He played upon the bass fiddle in the parish church for a period of fifty years.

from Newcastle Courant


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