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West Gallery Harmony

Psalms and Hymns

Original edited by Gordon and Isabella Ashman

Third Edition revised and edited by Ros Clements and Mike Bailey

Cover Design

A collection of psalms and hymns, both plain and fuguing, The Lord's Prayer, three catches, and two glees, one sacred, one secular from the West Gallery tradition.

From Gordon's introduction:
The music in this book covers a wide period in time from roughly 1660 to 1860, and a broad spectrum of musical styles ranging from relatively simple melodic material to contrapuntal music of some complexity. Some of it is of, or derived from, written art-music genres of various periods - equally, it may come from the work of relatively unlettered village musicians. It is folk music in the sense that it belongs to the people and often carries strong elements of oral transmission, but it may equally be art music in the sense of being composed in the high art fashion of its day and written down. What is common to every item in the book is that it is a joy to perform - and to hear, we are told.

It is a singers' and instrumentalists' collection and, above all else, a book of music which we have performed with immense enjoyment whether it be at our major Association gatherings or in our scattered local quires and performing groups.

The new 3rd Edition is A4 portrait coil bound to lie flat on a music stand. The layout has been improved for both instruments and singers. Instruments do not need to turn during a piece. Transposed editions for Bb (with bass in treble clef), Horn in F, Viola and Eb instruments are in preparation and will be available on request.

Psalms & Hymns aka "The Red Book" costs £6 excluding P&P for both members and non-members. Copies may be purchased via Charlotte Bailey. Contact via email or phone 01962 713392. Postage/overseas shipping costs will be supplied on application and will be dependent on the number of copies required. It may also be possible to purchase individual vocal and instrumental parts separately.

Have a look at the companion volume West Gallery Harmony - Carols & Celebrations aka "The Green Book"
and Let Our Joys be Known aka "The Gold Book"


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