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Good Singing Still

Rollo Woods

Good Singing Still

Preface by Rollo Woods:
The West Gallery Music Association asked me to prepare a short book summarising what is known of West Gallery music, and saying something of its background, as a guide to members who are now studying and reviving this music.

The book has no claims to scholarship; it is still too soon for a definitive work. It does not discuss the theology behind the words and music, nor make any critical assessments. Least of all does it replace the works listed under Bibliography. References have not been checked back beyond the sources in which I found them.

The text is divided into 68 numbered sections. Some sections are aimed at groups reviving the West Gallery repertoire; in others suggestions for them are separated off by asterisks. As there are few illustrations, many sections are introduced by a short quotation.

UNFORTUNATELY, this item is currently OUT OF PRINT - Try your local library

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